What Life Skills Can Fitness Teach You?


This video was recorded prior to my meet on April 16th, 2016. Pre meet day rants while walking.. Had some thoughts I figured I would share. Bare with me as I had little carbs (and really food for that matter) in me on this day so my brain was having a tough time cooperating with what I was trying to say. Lol Also my timer went off while recording so it cut me off, but I’ll organize the remainder of my thoughts in the notes below.

In summary:
Having a coach in a strength sport can relieve you of having to make important decisions regarding nutrition and training, one less thing you have to be concerned of in your busy life as you balance family and work life as well.

Having a coach can equate to having a mentor. This will teach you much more about yourself by building the relationship of trust and openness, and teaches you both how to be a better communicator.

Strength sports teach you discipline. Any craft you’re trying to master can do this as well. You learn how to truly push past physical limits in sport, which can also improve mental grit as well.

Being involved in strength sports teach you how to overcome fear or at least get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This can carry over to life because it will make you question everything. “Am I really scared of said activity or do I have this preconceived notion in my head that I have learned overtime and associated with being fearful?”

Powerlifting and many other strength sports focus on being the best version of yourself. Not only do you strive to improve your personal records in lifting, but this growth mindset can be applied to other areas outside of lifting. It really teaches you how to apply the growth mindset to life.

Finally, PL can improve your life by learning how important a sense of community is. You realize how a support system of people is stronger than just an individual and how to respect those who strive toward a common goal. In the gym, the goal is strength. In life, it is happiness. By learning to respect one another despite differences you can become at peace with yourself. We all are after being the best version of ourselves and helping others to do the same. We should empower one another to be our truest selves. Lift and uplift.

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