Why did I choose to become a CSCS?

Before becoming certified as a CSCS, I did a lot of digging to make sure it was something I really wanted to do before making the time, energy, and financial investment. Being an athlete from the age of four all the way through college, I yearned to stay connected to an athletic lifestyle after graduating. After all, it was all I knew. Upon graduating from college, I competed in powerlifting and had experienced plenty of time in a weight room. I knew it was time I started teaching others how to move and understand their bodies so I could give back in a meaningful way. After consulting with peers, hearing push back to stay in my “comfortable” career, and a lot of introspection, I knew this was the path I needed to follow because it aligned with who I was created to be.

I was motivated to follow this path due to my college S&C coach who left a huge impact on me. My character did a 180-degree turn for the better due to the results I saw from his programming, and the consistent work put in to improve my athletic performance. Something about morning workouts, mid-day conditioning, required lifting, etc. made me thrive. I felt like I was taking care of my health and these actions provided me more energy to do better in my academics, relationships, and other pursuits. He truly brought out the highest potential in me and I wanted to help others achieve this too.

When I started studying for this cert in 2016, I had no formal academic experience in anatomy or physiology prior, which made this path seem daunting and SO far out of reach. I had my own experiential wisdom from lifting & softball and did as much digging online and experimenting with movement in my free time as I possibly could to educate myself. This was a challenge I was willing to face to get to where I wanted to be and knew I just needed to keep working consistently to make my dream come true. Just like when training for fitness & sports.

Going on my third year now training athletes in a team setting, having coached many athletes individually, and having obtained another certification as a Registered Yoga Instructor, I am so thankful for those who inspired me to get to where I am now so I can share my gifts with the world. Remember, it is never too late to become who you were created to be despite the obstacles and adversity you may face. Everything will come together along the way and you’ll eventually look back upon your journey with gratitude for how far you’ve come.

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