You don’t hate getting in shape, You hate the IDEA of what you perceive it to be

So I was up late the other night, thinking. What’s new..

THIS video is the secret to losing weight. Well, not quite. There is no secret. You know what you need to do but I want to help you realize something about our mindset towards fitness. I only positioned the title of this video in this way to get your attention because it’s what you THINK you want to learn, information that you saw value in. If I named the video “Why you have a problem with your mindset about fitness,” you would probably think it’s bull shit, be offended or not care to click because we don’t think our minds are the problem. We blame the program or the diet as to the why we keep failing. Sure programs and nutrition plans matter, but they can only do so much if you don’t adhere. However, because you SO BADLY want to lose weight, you probably clicked and hoped I would teach you some new secret that someone hasn’t taught you yet.

SO – now that I got that out there, I am glad you’re here. What I REALLY want to educate you on is the problem about our mindset related to working out and dieting. I hope after listening, you DO see the value in this information and it wasn’t a let down as to what you thought you were going to learn.

Some ideas I gathered from a podcast this morning and elaborated on. We think of fitness for purely self-glamour reasons rather than a means of survival to be more functional. Be strong to be useful. Until you realize you must value yourself, you will not value fitness.

Podcast available at:

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