On Connectedness and the Power of Compassion

I believe connectedness is a real thing. We can achieve far more working together than we can on our own. Work in synergy. Make people feel valued and include them. When someone feels of significance, watch their motivation to succeed soar.
The other day I was downtown reading a book by the river, and a random couple approached me out of nowhere. I was calm and collected as she sat down next to me and we got to talking. She questioned the book I was reading. I told her it was a philosophical book, which she mentioned she knew very little of.
I asked what they were up to for the day and she mentioned a sobriety walk. I knew she had been drinking as I smelt alcohol on her breath. I was cautious but also curious, so I jumped into some questions with her.. Jumping into some deep questions as to what got her to this point in her life and why she had resorted to this coping mechanism. She was very honest (probably due to alcohol) and became vulnerable in our conversation as I just kept questioning her.
I am not sure what her (or their) intentions were as she approached me in the preceding moment…and maybe it wasn’t anything other than a drunken interaction that led to this. But I really felt like I spoke to her and there had to be something that drew her to me that day. There was a connection during our interaction. Maybe my words really resonated with her to take a different path in life and make a change, or maybe she doesn’t remember our conversation due to drinking.
I guess I felt obligated to converse with her that day and see if there was something I could say to bring her to a realization. I don’t think we can make people change, and they have to want to change on their own. But maybe something I said sparked the switch.
I hate to see anyone suffering with addictions and especially alcohol. My hope is that those who fall victim to alcoholism find there is more to life, and that those who love them really care and would never want to see anything happen to them. There is much more to life than suppressing a deeper issue with the temporary happiness provided through drinking. I wonder if I left my mark on her, as much as she left a mark on me.
Life is cool how it brings people together. A crazy experience, and maybe it was a life changed. We all need each other. Hear people out, we all want to feel valued to reach our greatest potential. Respect one another and evolve. She provided new insights to me, and hopefully I did the same for her.
Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.
#LeaveYourMark #RealizeYourPotential #FailForward

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