Episode 56: Affirming Your Life Calling; Affirmations for Abundant Health & Wealth with Courtney Bishop

Requested by you, the one who knows you’re meant for more, these carefully crafted, life-giving affirmations were blessed and guided by three powerful stones; rose quartz, sardonyx, and rainbow quartz to help you soak in deep self-compassion & unconditional love, personal power & self-control, and provide divine assistance from your angelic realm/spirit guides while listening & feeling into the abundant health & wealth that is destined for you. We close out with a visualization of your light; warm, potent, and far reaching, an equivalent of the sun. Come back to this episode when you’re ready to embody your next level and reprogram your subconscious for what’s rightfully & heartfully already yours.

Episode 55: Melting Into Your Life Ethos with Courtney Bishop

I was deeply reminded in multiple ways this week why I do what I do. You’re here to receive those unimaginable dreams that seem too good to be true! You’re here to become who you were always meant to be. You’re destined for greater peace, joy, ease, and spiritual wealth. Tune into & remember the magic of who you be as you claim & embody your life ethos.