Elevate into your highest self through fitness, mindfulness, and intentional life design.

At The Pursuit of Authenticity Coaching, we deeply believe living in your calm, your joy, and your bliss, is of the greatest service to the world. Following what you love, what deeply matters to you… your passions, your power & purpose… not only brings you deeper fulfillment, but everyone around you feels the ripple of that joy as well… resulting in a more balanced, sustainable & vibrant world… for all.

As a High Performance Coach & Creator of The Pursuit of Authenticity Coaching, Courtney Bishop’s background as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Trauma-Informed Registered Yoga Teacher provides a unique lens to view through – to hold you in your true strength; embracing those dark & gritty parts.. while also loving on your light & softness.. knowing ALL of it is welcome and is what makes you, YOU.

Our Values
love of learning
appreciation of beauty & excellence

POA began as a way to help people move more freely in the gym, to move with more joy and to realize, with the right mindset, their body was stronger than they thought. Fast forward many years later, and it’s with tremendous gratitude that POA is able to serve as a vehicle through that same philosophy to help clients in the gym, and beyond.. to realize, again, with the right mindset, you are able to receive anything you desire with your body, business, and life… that you wish. ✨

Fitness Coaching

Meaningful & sustainable movement to find your true strength within

Mindfulness Mentorship

Tap into your blissful depths, embrace your beauty, and live by design

Intentional Living

Discover your style, become empowered in your essence and elevate your life

So, welcome to The Pursuit of Authenticity… the journey of creating yourself to be exactly who you are meant to be. I can’t wait for you to see how beautiful it is here. Begin exploring our current offerings above.

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Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

Carl Jung

About Us

POA is a strength and wellness brand dedicated to passionate & soulful students, athletes, and new & aspiring strength & wellness coaches on a mission to pursue your passion, live with purpose, and elevate your everyday. Follow along and being your journey:

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