The Beauty of Flow

Coming across genuine people is far too rare. But it makes it that much more refreshing when you do. I think we all strive for being kind, compassionate and attaining happiness, yet get lost in our ways. I can only hope I leave my mark on others to reach their potential as others have done for me.
It’s pretty amazing how we can trust someone and be vulnerable to people we don’t really even know. There are those we can create such a connection easily with and share so much of ourselves. It’s like instant trust, due to lack of judgment, when you meet these people.
I came to this realization after meeting some new friends a couple weekends back. This is exactly what occurred between us. It was a coincidental interaction where we happened to be the same place at the same time, and the conversation we had was so pure. The thoughts exchanged were much needed.  We got to talking about life and things each of us were going through and it made me realize how simple interactions with people in everyday life can make such a difference. We have the power to learn something from every person we meet, no matter their story and background. It was refreshing after speaking with them to see how at peace with themselves they were, and how being in this state allows for us to thrive.
Some of our conversation was related to issues they were faced with in life and how it shaped who they’ve become. It reminded me of this concept I recently learned of referred to as Flow. It basically is defined as the moment which we are so present and engulfed in the emotion of a scenario that we achieve happiness. And this is what occurred to me in this instance. It involved helping others and talking through life with them that brought me into this flow.
We get so concentrated on looking forward to future moments for happiness, thinking once we reach this future state, we will find the happiness we are searching for. According to Flow,  the concept states that we do not achieve an eternal happiness of self actualization, but rather happiness is found in the now. When we find our passion, we find our FLOW in the glory of the moment.
I am so passionate about self-help/introspection and helping others to make a difference because there is an emotional attachment to these things. I think an emotional attachment to your work is essential for staying motivated to pursue fulfilling work in life. I am passionate about being against societal pressure because I once was a follower and see where it got me.  It wasn’t until I realized my worth that it brought me back to my true self. I changed my ways and realized self love was a much greater choice. I started trying again and really invested, and my life did a complete turn around.  This is a similar experience in which those I met had experienced and observed in others.
“Everything I’m not made me everything I am.” One of my favorite sayings, which actually are lyrics from Kanye. I see what negative environments/behaviors can do to people, how it’s affected myself and those around me. How it has held them back or brought them to do terrible things they wouldn’t do in their true element. I realize how these are habits formed through societal pressure over time and you have to become aware of these actions, and then develop the mind over matter mantra to not give in to these controlling behaviors. Often times we reach to certain actions as a temporary fix for a deeper issue, and you must find that issue and address it. Develop self love and self respect to realize your potential and know your worth.
I really appreciate those I met a few weekends back who spoke with me on this topic which led to this post. Your conversation was much appreciated and made me come out a better person. I hope I left my mark on you like you all left your mark on me.
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