Tracking Client Progress with Purpose

When tracking progress for a client, I find it is helpful to not solely focus on ensuring progress via their fitness and nutritional goals..but to also focus on are we actually enhancing their quality of life by doing so?

Getting too caught up in solely worrying about if bodyweight increased/dropped each week, or if your fitness improved week to week can cause a client to identify with body image or performance in an unhealthy way. This can be a slippery slope and cause self-worth to drop if an athlete feels like they are failing to live up to the said goal(s).

On weekly check-ins for clients, I think it is important to focus on positives from the week. These can be fitness related or not but can help them think of how they are progressing on their path in all areas of life.

I want to help clients understand that fitness is A WAY to enhance your quality of life, but not the only way. With that said, my goal is to support clients in creating a lifestyle that enhances their health, whatever that means to them, and teach them to enjoy the all-encompassing journey.

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