Training Methods

When starting out as a strength coach, I thought I had to be a certain way to gain credibility and fit the role. Feeling like I needed to only eat “clean” foods, train at least 5-6x/wk to look strong & lean, and allocate my whole life to the gym. I enjoyed this lifestyle, however balance is essential in life to grow in other areas and develop as a coach.

Looking the part, being strong and lean, helped to provide experience and credibility so I can coach others to this aspiration. But when someone comes to me as an athlete wanting to improve their performance, there is a deeper reason than just a physical goal.. which takes being strong in the mind to help them achieve.

Now, being a strength coach to me is about striving to inspire athletes by being a person of balance. I struggle too but we learn and grow. I have learned not to put all my eggs in one basket anymore just to look a certain way and prove a point. I diversify my time and energy to fully enjoy life, which is what being truly healthy is all about. I enjoy guiding clients and athletes to feel good and therefore look good.

Being strong starts as a choice to be resilient, and actively make decisions to become the top performer you desire to be physically. Eating certain foods and training a particular way is definitely helpful, but putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect can be more stressful and unhealthy. Overall, being strong comes down to much more than just the food you eat and the way you train. It’s about dedication and consistency to your health and happiness for LIFE… for the long term.

Being a strength coach has taught me so much about myself and my purpose. At the end of the day, we are just humans helping others through adversity in the game of life to rise to that next level. Learn more about our movement and nutrition packages here.

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