Personalized Nutrition

When it comes to eating behavior, no two clients are in the same phase of life. This is why being able to offer a personalized nutrition approach as a coach is so important. All the rage in fitness over the last several years has been centered around tracking macros. I see so many coaches, apps, websites spewing out personalized macros for clients as if that is the new “secret” in the fitness world… just like how Paleo, Keto, and Atkins all once and still sometimes are viewed. 

While tracking macros CAN be an effective way to gather data and track changes for progressing clients towards their goals (because I have lived it and know it does work!) I do not believe it is the only way to help a client change their body composition. There is more that goes into changing body composition than just what you eat.. like how your hormones are functioning, stress levels, digestion, etc.

When tracking macros isn’t the right fit for the season the client is in, rather than telling a client they are not competent, need to have more will power, grind harder, etc., a good coach should be able to find a plan that is realistic/sustainable and help the athlete build confidence and adherence through smaller goals to be able to find momentum to reach their longer term goal. 

A coach needs to be mindful of a client’s dieting history, lifestyle, personality, etc. and cater a program to their needs, rather than trying to push one approach on them as being the ONLY method. If you are interested in a personalized nutrition plan, click to Get Started.

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