Seeing Adversity as an Opportunity

For all the athletes who had their seasons cancelled, I feel for you. If I would’ve been a high school or college athlete during Covid-19, I would’ve struggled so hard with the fact that my team, my passion, and my outlet were taken from me. But you know what? It is a reminder too, that we are more than just athletes. As much as we love and live for the game, this is one of those life lessons that sports teach you; Adversity. It is the name of the game in life! That’s what sports are for. Yes, they teach us how to do excessive reps of exercises, condition, and improve our skills of the sport. But more importantly, sports teach us how to overcome, defy what we believed to be our limitations, and win at life.

There will be setbacks in your sport when you’re challenged, but it’s all about how you respond. Change the narrative in your head and believe that you are on the right path. Your actions and what you believe about yourself are what define you. You will have to find what drives you and be persistent in order to succeed at anything, no matter how many people or roadblocks try to shut you down or crush you. So rather than looking at your cancelled season as a setback, flip your thinking to see the adversity as an opportunity and a challenge you GET to overcome to become better. Don’t play victim. Trust and have faith that everything is working out in your favor.

So how do you respond now to this challenge in life? Control what’s in your power. Make the best of the conditions with what you currently bring to the table and where you are currently at. Find what makes you feel alive and go chase that, whatever the path may be. (And if you don’t know, I highly recommend some deep self-reflection) I promise it’s not just the sport you play(ed). The feeling of pushing yourself to new heights by overcoming the adversity is unlike any other. Once you look back and realize your growth and success by pushing past the struggle, you will feel so much intrinsic motivation. It will inspire you to keep going and proving to yourself that living out your wildest dreams is possible. You get out of life what you put in, so make the journey worth it!

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry, stay strong, my friends! 🧠💪💓

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