Becoming Connected to Your Self

Nothing makes you feel more connected and proud to be a part of this Earth than when you are out in nature. Slowing down and being outdoors can make you feel more connected to everything around you.

Taking care of plants can make you feel like you are taking care of yourself. Putting your time, energy, and effort into them to help them grow healthy and strong, so therefore you can grow healthy and strong. It can make you feel good that you are investing in something that will nurture and take care of you in return.

Drinking water, you can feel the the fluid rush through you as you become more  hydrated. When you eat food and become more nourished, not overfed and filled with guilt or shame, and not underfed and feeling weak or starved/suffering, you feel energized with the right nutrients to perform well in everyday life. An equal balance of eating what makes you feel good physically and what makes your heart happy.

When you step into the grass, you can feel grounded as part of this Earth.  When you step into the sun, feel the heat, and bask in the warmth, you allow your body to relax. You smell the soil and the grass, and take in all the natural aromas of the outdoors.

Finally, you feel your breath when you slow down and focus on one breath at a time. Reminding yourself that you must carry out this reminder in everyday life, to truly soak in and appreciate all moments by taking life one moment at a time.

It is easy to get caught up in multi-tasking, becoming easily bored and distracted, and never fully immersed in an experience. But with each day we practice slowing down and become more in tune with being than doing, to know ourselves, and to understand we are everything around us. Experience LIFE.

The self is connected to everything, made up of all the energy within you and those around you. Be kind, and help one another to know, love, and understand we are all on this ride called life together.

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