Philosophical Thoughts pt. 1

So I made this video on Transformation Tuesday.. It sucks bc I want to share a transformation picture since I have made progress physically, and I know this is what gets peoples’ attention because society loves weight loss/success stories. Then, they will inquire and just want to know how to get results. And god forbid it take more than a few weeks lol….I don’t have a problem with helping people and I would love to do so, so don’t take this as pushing others away because I will absolutely offer advice if you seek it.. BUT my mission is to help change you internally as a person first before you inquire about the exercise/nutrition program I follow. THEN we can focus on the external. I truly believe internal issues are why you might keep failing at the external.

This is what I do at midnight until 2am.. lol

Also, forewarning, I put content out just as I am. Nothing edited or fancy bc I don’t really care to put in that effort of being someone I am not. Either take the content as is or not. If you’re into the fancy and flashy videos with music and cool’re probably not the demographic I am targeting.

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