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I’ll be honest when I started this fitness journey actually back in 2012, I was mainly driven by aesthetics. I wanted my body to look a certain way and wasn’t going to stop until I got there. Throughout this journey there has been a lot of progress, as well as some regressions, but a hell of a lot of learning.

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Basically, find what works for you in terms of diet and something you love in terms of physical activity, because those will be the methods which will be most sustainable for you. It’s not about committing for a couple weeks, it’s about consistency over time and continuous growth. Slow and steady. Do not think of a before and after, because we are continually evolving. Focus on ways you can track progress outside of how you look,  whether it be through physical, mental or emotional strength. There are many factors to indicate positive transformation outside of the way you look which can be achieved through a healthier lifestyle. Keep people by your side who support you and challenge you to be better. Do not give up and do not even give yourself an option to quit.


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The media does a great job at using catchy headlines to make fitness more focused on the way you look rather than viewing it as a pursuit to change your life in other ways. Many people I know who have started on the path with a desire to look a certain way, have stuck with fitness as a lifestyle due to switching to a performance based goal. By doing this, the way you look simply becomes a by product of switching your focus away from aesthetics.  This makes the challenge more fun to see what your body is capable of, rather than aiming to get your body to look a certain way and punishing yourself until you get there. But the coolest observation I have seen is the longer those stay on their journey, they realize it is not even about the destination anymore but who you become on the journey. Performance and some aesthetic goals are fine, but really fitness can teach you so much about yourself along the way. As a result, learning about myself can allow you to help others realize their potential as well. To me, fitness has become so much more than just fitness. And that is the greatest reward in itself. 💕



Do the thing and you will have the power.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Simply stated. Fear is made up in our heads and something you eventually believe after telling yourself the same things and feeding into it. In order to overcome self doubts or fears, we must do the thing in which we fear. This builds up courage and will make us more confident to reach the success in which we strive for. So do the damn thing.


Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.

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