How to Invest Wisely

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By the title of this post, you may think when I say invest that I am referring to stocks or something business related to bring a monetary gain. However,  I am talking about investing in yourself to get a return from others and live a life rich of purpose.

Being at peace with yourself is a true satisfaction which I don’t think a lot of people find.  You finally accept that this is the way you are and you don’t have to do things for approval of others. In other words, your actions are carried out more so by selfish fulfillment rather than always seeking to be a people pleaser. While it is necessary to be kind and take into account consideration for others to make sure you’re a genuine person, in doing so excessively we can become easily drained and anxious which leads to undesired stress.

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no. This incisive concept I got from Derek Sivers can help to stop declutter your life. Think of yourself as a brand/business and your time as your cost/expenses. To make your business grow, you must be purposeful with where you allocate the energy invested.  It is a pretty simple concept and may sound cliche but it’s something easy to forget when it comes to your time.

We all have a tendency to complain about problems, it’s human nature.  Reasoning as to why this may be that we complain more often than appreciate in life is explained here. Usually when someone complains or vents about an issue, we offer solutions and advice because you want to help the individual. However, it seems few are willing to take action with the advice to resolve the issue.

This can be a viscous cycle. At what point do you just stop trying to help? We continue on our pursuit to offer new perspectives and change the mindset of others. But we cannot change them. It is them who has to come to the realization or go through an experience to be tested and then learn the lesson. So many times we put effort into situations where we see potential in someone yet it goes nowhere. They must see it for themselves. As the quote goes, “Once the student is ready, the teacher becomes visible.” I don’t claim to have all the answers but I try to add value and influence others in any positive way I can, yet sometimes it is not wanted and all they are really after is an outlet for sympathy. Venting is fine and can be healthy, but you must also be reasonable to find a solution and take action, or else you’re being irrational.

Due to the fact not everyone is open to change, you must be particular about where you invest your energy. There might come a time where you realize the cons outweigh the pros. At this point, don’t be afraid to eliminate distractions/people/things which no longer serve a valuable purpose in your life. You must not consider it selfish to remove these hindrances, yet rather it will make you more efficient. By removal of these, you allow yourself to flourish in other areas. Focus on those things which build you up and take note of what makes you come alive. This is where you should invest.


They say you should surround yourself with those you want to be like. For this reason, I like this image, yet I don’t. Sometimes the butterflies have to be there to help the caterpillars grow and bring them up. To bring this back to my point above, you offer advice to those around you to help develop them.  But you also must know when to leave them behind and focus on what’s best for yourself, investing energy wisely.

This isn’t to say, only hang around people who are identical to you. Because by being close minded in that aspect, limits you from gaining new perspectives and learning concepts outside your norm. We can learn something from each person we meet, either teaching us who we do or do not want to become.

However, be careful in the circle you do choose. Find those who push you to become a better version of yourself. Basically, by pursuing those who challenge you, you will evolve. Into what? Who knows, but complacency is boring. Focus on people and activities that stretch you, rather than relationships or actions that drain you.

So, do you feel like you put more effort into friendships which don’t reciprocate? Do you aim to please people and put their needs before your own too often? Curious to hear your feedback, or provide insight of how you wish to change how you invest in others. Let us know below.


Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.

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