Where do you seek advice?

3 thoughts on “Where do you seek advice?

  1. Em. As a boy, I was severely traumatized. As a teen, that trauma lead to a breakdown that lasted years. I overcame it and became a much stronger person – I would never give up that experience.

    With that history, once I’d moved into the working and “adult” world, I enacted your suggested behaviors of open discussion. I, honestly, don’t care about being open about my, or other people’s, psychological issues. Infact, I prefer it; people who can do this are mature, competent, and trustworthy – because they have made themselves into good people through the only possible method. It’s the people that don’t do this that I don’t trust, that I avoid.

    That being said, I’ve discovered that most people are incapable of behaving maturely. Funny thing is, I used to fear that my weaknesses would isolate me. Now, it’s my strengths that actually do it. Turns out, the relationships most people have are as superficial as they are themselves – that the relationships I wanted were a bad goal.

    Go fucking figure.

    1. I agree. Honesty and transparency seem to be lost in most relationships. People fear honesty will lead to hurting someone’s feelings, which actually being dishonest will do even more harm. I suggest we be more honest and open about our struggles with others, but i also HIGHLY advise to face your own issues alone to decide what the best solution may be. I think most relationships are superficial because they don’t know themselves and just reach to humor or bashing others to feel at peace with themselves in their own insecurities. It’s sad. But when you are past this point, you become removed from yourself and much more focused on the bigger picture and able to see how cruel situations affect others, so you choose to not partake in those types of behaviors. In other words, taking into account the best interest of others.

  2. Eh, there’s also another factor. In the relationship I just got out of, my partner was so immature that they thought my attempts toward healthy discussion were just my attempt to demean them. They were too damn smart, in combination with their immaturity – they were excellent at lying to themselves.

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