You’re Trippin!

What is tripping?

In the slang use, tripping is when someone is acting out of the norm which society has defined them. It could be defined as overreacting and making a deal out of something small.  Viewed as crazy, disorderly, out of their element.

They say “you’re trippin” or “you’ve changed.” But how do they know you haven’t changed for the better?

In the sense of drugs, when you trip, you go into an altered state of being. You could face challenging thoughts and come across realizations which could bring you to a different state after you return from the trip. A moment of change.

When you physically trip in real life, you fall. We could look at tripping as an obstacle we face. You must trip in order to rise; In order to be presented a chance to change.

I am not saying we must do drugs in order to discover what it is we are meant to become, “rebirth” in a sense, but I am saying that acceptance of the lows will bring you to the highs.  There are various methods to discover the lows, to trip and alter your state of being. A friend of mine once said, “I only had to believe I had died to realize I was more alive than ever.” This is SO true.

To be wise, one must be foolish. To be strong, one must feel weakness. To be fearless, one must know fear. The good comes out of the evil. They must both exist and dance together.

Whatever is your method for tripping, Find it.

An excerpt from an article, “The Nightmare that is a Reality.”  Koestler, 1944.

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.

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