Episode 35: Bringing Mindfulness into Your Life as a Driven Athlete

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You’re hard headed, your own harshest critic, constantly driven to improve, never satisfied, no realistic expectation of ever catching up to your ambitions. This athlete mentality has been embedded in you… to always go go go, be productive, rest is for the weak, etc.

I get it. I operated this way for YEARS; treating my body like a machine, pushing myself SO hard through an injury that I burned out, was FORCED to slow down, and change my pace in the pursuit of my athletic goals. Now I have deep gratitude for yoga and mindfulness because it completely changed my approach as an athlete, and is exactly why i’m able to share this knowledge with you guys today. 

Within part two of this three-part series, you’ll learn practical ways to bring more mindfulness into your world as a driven athlete so you can maintain OR reclaim the joy and freedom in your athletic journey so it enhances your quality of life, rather than white knuckling your way to success, possibly burning out, getting injured, and having to step away from the craft you love for extended periods, or possibly forever.

Of course, we’ll define what mindfulness is, cover why it’s SO important to practice as an athlete, and share some open ended questions to get yours wheels spinning on where else you can bring mindfulness into your routines to ensure the pursuit of your physique and performance goals is as gratifying as the outcome.

Head over to Instagram after you listen and share with the community.. do you currently incorporate any of these mindfulness techniques into your day as a driven athlete? If not, which ones do you plan to try on?

See you back again for part three!

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:09) Summary of part one, what is mindfulness?
(03:08) Why does being a mindful athlete, rather than an athlete with your mind FULL matter?
(06:54) A mindful VS mind FULL athlete
(10:38) Mindfulness tools, example applications, and benefits
(11:03) Tool 1: Autoregulation / Mindful movement
(15:17) Tool 2: Mindful Eating (See Ep 26 to learn about navigating the spectrum between flexible & structured styles of eating)
(19:45) Tool 3: Visualization of performance and physique goals
(24:54) Summary of each mindfulness tool
(26:46) Special announcement for potential POA athletes!
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Episode 26 – Navigating Nutrition Sustainably at any Level with Karina Noboa
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