Episode 34: Bringing More Mindfulness into Your Life as a New Coach

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Courtney Bishop, High Performance Coach and Host of The POA Podcast, provides a few techniques you can try on to incorporate more mindfulness into your day.

If you are a new coach, you probably spend a lot of time scattered between digital marketing, new client consultations, writing client programs, coaching calls & check ins, and whatever else pops onto your radar each week. Therefore, this episode will be a perfect fit for you to find some clarity in the chaos.

Of course, we’ll define what mindfulness is if you’re not super familiar, cover why Courtney believes it’s SO important to practice, and share what to expect in the rest of the series!

Head over to Instagram after you listen and share with the community.. do you currently incorporate any of these mindfulness techniques into your day as a new coach? If not, which ones do you plan to try out?

See you back again for part two!

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:09) Why is mindfulness so important and why should you practice it?
(03:40) What is mindfulness?
(05:54) Tool 1: How to incorporate more mindfulness into your day as a new coach
(08:38) Tool 2: How to incorporate more mindfulness into your day as a new coach
(11:23) Tool 3: How to incorporate more mindfulness into your day as a new coach
(13:03) Summary of each mindfulness tool and what to expect in the rest of the series
(15:35) Join the conversation on IG, apply for coaching, and sign up for Monday Minutes!

Episode 8 – Pausing to Notice the Breath


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