➡️Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip⬅️

For those of you who are super busy, or lazy 😂👍, and want to find something to meal prep that requires very minimal effort…this is it!!

🐔1 Can (275g) White Meat Chicken
🐔1 Can (275g) White Meat Chicken in Buffalo Style Sauce
🐔113g Low Fat Cottage Cheese
🐔84g Fat Free Cheddar Cheese
🐔42g Laughing Cow Garlic Herb Cream Cheese
🐔42g Turkey Bacon, crumbled
Combine all ingredients in large Tupperware. Heat in microwave 1:30-2 minutes to melt cheeses and stir. Use as a dip with crackers, make into a sandwich or wrap, use in a salad or mix veggies into it. You can even eat it alone because it’s really good!

This recipe made 6 servings which were about 130 cals per serving and macros were 1C/3F/24P per serving.

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