Losing Weight, but Gaining More

I don’t have relaxed abs, but with lighting and angles they are there. Lol it’s not my intended goal, but a cool by-product I will say. 😏
It’s more than just looking aesthetic. To me, it symbolizes a lot of fucking hard work I’ve put in. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not one to take short cuts/quick fix to losing weight. It’s come with extended periods of putting on muscle slowly, then dropping fat slowly to develop a healthy physique. My body is a reflection of my work, and you can truly treat your body like a canvas and make of it what you like. 🎨
My goal has never really been to get skinny. I love chasing strength and being athletic. Getting strong is fun as hell, nothing tops it. 💪🏼💕
TLDR: Muscles r da kewlest. 🏋🏻

I post this not for attention and public compliments but to help you realize you can do the same. These pictures are almost 3 years apart. Summer 2013 to summer 2016. A couple periods of slowly cutting and then slowly reverse dieting. A sustainable approach for dropping body fat, gaining muscle mass and living an enjoyable life. Man, all I can say is the true reward of this transformation is not even visible in this picture. And even if it sounds crazy or cliche, that is the truth. 💯 and there is no way I could’ve done this on my own. Thank you to those who have provided me with the knowledge and resources to produce the external changes, as well as the internal.

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