Episode 38: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less; Less is More

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In this episode, Courtney guides you through understanding how a sustainable lifestyle of pursuing less can not only enhance your quality of life, but is actually of greater service to the world! We discuss where the underlying energy of discontent arises while chasing numerous goals, what’s at stake from living in this manner, and what does it look like to transcend this? If you are someone who constantly feels frustrated while running in so many directions, this is for you!

Many folks are living in excess in our current day; excess in terms of over-working, over-exercising, etc. Some stay busy to avoid processing emotions, others to seek validation from outside, or to feel worthy themselves. Whatever the case, living in excess can be quite barren. Not only can it be straining to your well-being, and therefore not sustainable, it can lead to going through the motions of life rather than moving from a purposeful, powerful and productive presence. By learning to move more intentionally and follow a disciplined pursuit of less, you can begin to see with a clearer heart and mind due to feeling excited and invigorated by the deep, rich, and fulfilling gift that is your life.

I touch on it in the episode, but it’s worth stating here: I’m not saying delayed gratification & the pursuit of more is BAD. This episode is illuminating where a constant pursuit of more can cause Self harm.

After listening, share with the community below… How do you plan to apply doing less, better? How can you create more white space in your life to invite in more alignment, ease, and efficiency & create the greatest work of art there is, your life?

Thank you SO much for tuning in and see you in the next episode!

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:09) The underlying energy of “there’s not enough time” as you rush after all your goals
(04:23) White space as a means of creating brilliant art
(08:12) Why you might believe more is better and how this can cause Self harm
(10:57) Allowing self-care to fuel your process
(13:40) Brahmacharya: the practice of living in non-excess to prevent chronic overextension of Self
(17:20) What’s at stake by constantly chasing all your goals; Investigating the white-knuckling energy under your actions
(19:00) What does it look like when you begin living a disciplined pursuit of less?
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Ep 8: Pausing to Notice the Breath: https://open.spotify.com/episode/28cdyRtJkQavw2ZUNUG8BJ?si=8D8R2zqkTSeP_ODwYZ6w4A
Ep 17: Deepening Your Senses

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