Episode 32: Rediscovering Your True Nature with Katie Venechuk of IYE Wellness

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Katie Venechuk is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, a registered yoga teacher, an environmental engineer and a naturalist.  Combining a passion for scientific understanding of the natural world with the emotional draw that brings us to the forest, Katie launched her wellness business In Your Element in March 2020.  Through her unique wellness programs in the forest, her goal is to help people rediscover a sense of belonging in wild nature settings, reduce technology induced stress and anxiety, and better understand the human connection to nature.  Through forest therapy walks, yoga and forest bathing classes, foraging and wild tending workshops, and other special events, her aim is to bring people back into the great outdoors and help them understand why we feel so good when we spend time there.  Combining all that she has learned in her travels around the world, as well as personal experiences deep in the wild, Katie believes that there is an entry point for everyone to connect with the world of wellness that waits in nature.  Her mission is to hold open the door.

In Episode 32, Courtney takes you on a journey through Katie’s story of becoming a nature enthusiast and now educator & guide of the evidenced-based practice, Forest Therapy. Katie shares the origins of this ancient practice (also called forest bathing), the physiological benefits for your immune and nervous systems, how you can get involved (from any location) and how to become more interconnected, involved, and compassionate towards your home land. Discover how to use this tool and rediscover what it means to slow down and bring forth a natural state of awe and delight daily.

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:10) Katie’s background; how she got into Forest Therapy
(08:57) The gift of stepping into your element and following what makes you come alive
(11:31) Forest therapy as a tool to increase proprioception, interoception, and embodiment
(14:27) Reducing tech-induced stress, discovering belonging in natural settings, and understanding your relationship to nature
(17:41) Finding joy in nature, even in the darker, colder months
(21:33) What does Forest Therapy look like in practice with IYE?
(26:19) Physiological benefits of Forest Therapy and it’s origin: Shinrin-yoku
(35:42) Unlearning the conditioned state of always doing & giving the thinking mind space to rest
(41:37) Two invitations to try on your own Forest Therapy practice!
(46:29) How to find a Forest Therapy guide near you
(50:18) Forest Therapy without a forest? Can you do it?
(54:50) Your impact within the web of life & environmental activism
(01:02:13) Resources to learn more about the evidence-based practice, Forest Therapy
(01:04:43) Influences on Katie’s work and Recommended Reading
(01:07:33) On the horizon for IYE, & Katie’s favorite part about her work!
(01:14:58) Connect with Katie and IYE Wellness

Why Choose Nature Over Netflix https://thepursuitofauthenticity.com/archives/715
Hidden Life of Trees https://amzn.to/3ojFMDy
The Nature Fix (data driven) https://amzn.to/3rlp5cG
The Biophilia Effect (how different environments decrease stress & why) https://amzn.to/3gnpO6Y
Your Guide to Forest Bathing https://amzn.to/3HkWaLn

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