Episode 30: Breathing Your Way to Intentional Performance with Kurt Tropiano

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Kurt Tropiano, Holistic High Performance Coach, supports athletes in reaching their optimal performance through mastery of the mental, the physical and the energetic. On top of completing a Masters in Strength & Conditioning, Kurt is a Level 2 ASCA Associate Coach, Performance Breathing Coach, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and the founder of Embodiman Shanghai.

What started as a calming practice taught to him by his mother as a child, breathwork and other mindfulness tools have taken quite the spotlight in Kurt’s life work. In this episode, Kurt and I share the importance of breathwork, along with other mindfulness tools, for coaches and athletes alike to improve exercise performance, optimize recovery, and show up at your best for everyday life.

00:00 Intro
02:32 Kurt’s Background and the intro to his passion of breathwork
06:54 Stereotypes of yoga and breathwork and the embracing of mindfulness tools in sport performance
12:05 Explanation of a proper breath and manipulating the breath to match your situation
19:41 Overlooked benefits of getting into a rest & digest (parasympathetic) state for recovery, healing, & letting go
22:27 Going against cultural norms as a holistic athlete
26:26 Ways to use Visualization and Meditation as an athlete for improved performance and injury recovery
34:31 Breathwork Practice led by Kurt: Heart resonance, box, and wim hof breathing –> a special treat 😉
44:52 Explanation of the benefits of above breathwork practice
48:35 The breath as a tool to investigate emotions
51:25 Success stories of athletes and groups Kurt has guided
58:06 Kurt’s process of following his truth & calling and how to get out of your own way
1:03:18 Kurt’s Book Recommendations
1:05:03 On the horizon for Kurt and his work…..

Just Breathe by Dan Brulee
Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown
Any Wim Hof Books
The Book of Mastery by Paul Selig
Gabby Bernstein
Eckhart Tolle

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