On Influence and Evolving

Most people would agree the purpose and goal in life is to make a positive impact.  In order to have a positive influence on society, we must know ourselves. Evolving to be better stems from a willingness to learn and a growth mindset. In the act of evolving and self-knowledge, we are making ourselves more valuable to then be able to provide value to those around us.

Energy is contagious. Who we surround ourselves with (our environments) has an influence on how we behave and who we become. When we find people with similar values, or indirectly are influenced to develop similar values as them by associating with them, we create a liking towards these people and they are who we keep close to us in “our circle.”

Since we have the same values, we believe that the outlooks our network have are the best and hold a bias towards these people and ideas. Therefore, we must be careful not to fall into a trap of seeing the world with little diversity by not considering other perspectives of those outside our circle. You don’t have to agree with these other perspectives, but you should respect them enough to hear them out.

Going back to how we are affected by our interactions with others, we are directly or indirectly influenced to behave in a certain way based on our environments. When we admire someone, we try to mirror them because we see their behavior as good. This goes back to energy as contagious. The act of imitation through mirroring others could lead to a lack of originality, if we are referring to work or ideas. However, if we are speaking of behavior and good intentions then imitation would be ideal.  If someone displays acts of kindness and you value kindness, you’re more bound to display that trait yourself. We should aim to spread positive traits such as this.

On the other hand, if someone is negative, the same will reciprocate in society. Invest wisely in your circle and environment. We are inspired or turned off through interactions with others and they mold us into who we become. In the same way, you have to reflect on their ideas and behavior to realize if what their values align with what you feel to be ideal. You must know yourself, but in becoming who you are, you’re molded by everyone around you. 

Make sure in becoming who you are, you don’t lose yourself.


“Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.”

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