ABBRX USAPL Meet 2016 Summary

Man. I don’t even have words to properly articulate the feeling of this day. But let’s just say you know you’re passionate about something when you’re sitting on the roof at 1am after your meet reflecting with happiness, oozing with feels. This was definitely one of THE HARDEST preps/things I have ever put myself through.. But the feeling of succeeding and accomplishing something you set your mind to, putting your whole heart into that shit… Euphoria, I guess. I think I’m still on post meet high endorphins lol but seriously, I love this sport/environment and everything it has done for me as a person. Even as selfish as that sounds saying it has improved ME, really making me better has an effect to make others around me better too. Energies are contagious. Okay done oozing all up in my feels.
Giving credit where credit is due. I couldn’t have made it here without friends, fam, coworkers and gym fam for the support. Thanks to everyone for the love, def appreciated. Much love to my coach, and his wife/my friend, for being there for me in multiple ways. He puts so much effort into being there for his athletes as much as he possibly can and his selfless wife who plays a huge role in allowing him to devote as much time as he does into something he loves. They both were there for me during training sessions where I was not feeling the best but continued to support, and just being there some days for a listening ear.
My goal was not to place at this meet but simply take what was there given the circumstances on meet day. If I placed, great, but coming out of it I personally feel like I won the day. I made weight, weighing in at 62.8kg and I had to be under 63kg, which was a huge accomplishment. Super stoked, I was able to get my mind right and focus on my lifts to finish the job for the day of qualifying for nationals. I came and did what I wanted to do by surpassing the qualifying total of 716lb after my second deadlift attempt, then had some fun and pulled an all time PR on deadlifts for my third deadlift attempt of 325 at 138. Most importantly, I had a shit ton of fun. I went 9/9 for the day, qualified for nats in the 63kg weight class, increased my wilks score after an extensive cut, and set some new PRs….. now it’s back to work for the road ahead. Super excite.
Huge congrats to all the competitors for the day. So much work goes into training and prepping for these meets behind the scenes that people don’t realize just spectating the day of at the meet. One of the coolest things at powerlifting meets is just seeing people accomplish something they didn’t think they were capable of doing by succeeding at an attempt and hitting a PR. The vibes of camaraderie with everyone fighting to beat their prior physical and mental strength, and on top of that uplifting one another along the way is awesome. Synergy.
Meeting new people who are becoming involved in the sport and seeing them realize their potential keeps me motivated. And when one person PR’s, we all PR. I hope I left my mark on some people yesterday, because I know there were people there who inspired me to be a better lifter and better person.
Final take away for the day.. some of the greatest things in life are earned, not given.
Playlist of videos below from meet day:
Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry friends.
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