Limbs of Yoga: The Niyamas

Continuing on the eight limbs of yoga, we are going to discuss the Niyamas. These are ethical ideologies we practice and observe for ourselves. Below you will read what the Niyamas can teach us. If you’d like ideas of how you can practice these guidelines, let me know and I can provide some exploration activities.

Saucha: Purify the body, speech, and thoughts to bring brightness, clarity, and cleanliness to our essence.

Santosha: Fall in love with our own life by practicing the paradox of non-seeking. Be content with where you are, what you have, and act from our calm center in all moments.

Tapas: Trust the process of our struggles because they create the strength we gain tomorrow. Become someone of character & discipline. We are burned in order to be blessed.

Savadhyaya: Our true identity is divine. We must understand we wrap ourselves in boxes, and to know the self, we must unlearn these limiting beliefs.

Ishvara Pranidhana: Pay attention to what life is asking of us. We must surrender the ego, open our heart, and accept the higher purpose of our being.

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