Protein Cheesecake aka #Procheesecake 🍰

This recipe is so tasty and really great for a sweet tooth at night! I love prepping it on Sundays to have for the remainder of the week. It’s also great because it’s versatile with the different flavors of cheesecake you could make by using different flavor whey protein powders, and you could also throw tasty toppings on it each time you eat a slice to switch it up!

2 whole eggs
2 servings (92g) Liquid egg whites
12 oz Light & Fit Plain Greek Yogurt
16 oz Fat Free Cream Cheese (ROOM TEMP!!!)
2 scoops (68g) Whey Protein
1 tsp vanilla extract
Stevia to taste

Blend together with mixer all ingredients. Pour into greased pan and bake at 250 for 30 min, THEN increase temp to 300 and bake for another 35 min until the center is set. Let cool COMPLETELY before slicing and serving. 😊

I made this into 8 servings which ended up being 132 calories per slice and 6C/2F/20P per slice. Yummy snack or breakfast. I highly recommend searching Instagram for the hashtag #Procheesecake because there are awesome flavor combos out there people have done as well as good topping ideas too!
Pictured above is my Red Velvet Cheesecake I made but I’ve also done a chocolate peanut butter flavored cheesecake which I topped with peanut butter that was realllllly good! πŸ‘

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