Protein Puppy Chow 🍫

I wanted to make puppy chow and with protein powder coming in amazing flavors, I figured I could replace the powdered sugar with protein and it would still taste yummy because how can you go wrong with cereal covered in peanut butter and chocolate?! I was looking into the different chex cereals they make now to decide what would be my best option macro wise and they are all pretty similar. Finally decided to use the Fiber One Chocolate Squares Cereal because then not only would this be high protein puppy chow, but high fiber as well! Doesn’t get much better than that. Here is what I used:

🍫30g Fiber One Chocolate Squares Cereal
🍫33g Chocolate Protein Powder (Could use other flavors too for a different variety of puppy chow!?)
🍫16g Jif Peanut Butter
🍫15g Milk Chocolate Chips

Combine peanut butter and chocolate chips in a bowl. Microwave for 1-1:30 min and stir. Pour in cereal and mix into melted mixture.
I ate half of this pre workout and the other half post workout. It is a little high in fat but I wanted to eat it right after I made it so I settled for half before and half after working out! Anyway, the whole recipe was 363 cals and macros were 41C/15F/29P.
I only made a single serving batch because I wanted to see how it turned out before I wasted a bunch of ingredients. It definitely tasted amazing and I am anxious to try different varieties of it now using other protein powder flavors and white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. You could also add in different toppings or sprinkles! I’ve also thought about experimenting with pb2 rather than regular pb, sugar free chocolate pudding instead of milk chocolate chips, or even just using pb and walden farms chocolate mixed with unsweetened cocoa powder. So many possibilities!

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