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Do you ever have those days where you just don’t feel like working out? You don’t want to do it but you know you will feel better when it is over. You are just way too comfortable in your own bed, on your couch… eating and watching netflix. Yeah, it happens. Getting to the gym is the hardest part. And this attitude can go for anything in life, not just getting a workout in. This mindset can refer to anything you plan to do but don’t have the motivation to accomplish it.

When I have days like this I have a couple different options I weigh.  Why do I not want to workout/do the planned task? Does the workout I have scheduled not sound fun? If so, then I will choose exercises that I know I like and am excited to do. Do I have to workout today or will my schedule allow me a rest day? Sometimes you need a rest so you can change your attitude and come back tomorrow with a better mindset to result in a better workout. Do I just need a little pump up? PREWORKOUT and a good playlist is the answer then, of course. This usually helps to get me going and will give me that energy I need to crush my workout.


Last but not least, motivational videos or podcasts. Layne Norton, Ryan Doris, Eric Thomas, and Les Brown are some of my favorites that I seek to listen to when I am just not “feeling it.” I will listen to these to remind me of my goals and envision what I set out to do. One of the videos below is an example.

Man I swear this video speaks to me. I literally just spoke these same words to my roommate a few weeks ago before coming across this video. Do not let failure be an option. Go outside your comfort zone, push yourself, and fight every damn day for what you want, in all facets of your life and it will make you a stronger person. Don’t complain, don’t cry, don’t bitch. Just do it.

Hopefully this helps you. Moral of the post. When you have a task that you do not want to complete, find a way to change your attitude and mindset about it.  Attitude is key and it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you take control of your mind. So next time you’re in a rut, stuck on the couch, or not in the mood, figure out a way to compromise and set out to do what you planned, with intention.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.” -Bill Cosby

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