We are all reliant on one another. Little success is found in selfish acts. And this is something one must realize as they grow. There is power in being connected and working in synergy. What you lack is something you can improve upon. Often times, the traits you admire in others coincide with the traits you perceive to lack within yourself. However, know that the reason you admire these traits are because they are within you, you have just yet to see them for yourself. Therefore, seek these individuals out and use them to guide you. They will HELP you to see it for yourself through affirmation, when your own mind gets in your way. Together, you will be able to create something bigger. And from here, greatness will be reaped.

Therefore, we must not lose sight of what we each have to offer. There is a learning experience to be taken away from each human you encounter. Remember your worth, for this gift is something which could be of use to another individual. Play up your strengths and develop your weaknesses. Offer your support in the best way you can. Resources are to be exchanged. What you give, you will receive.


Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry my friends.

13 thoughts on “Synergy

  1. Hi 🙂

    I just recently discovered your blog and I just wanted to say that I truly love your content, your take home messages in each post, your genuine fire within, and overall aura and inspiration that you have to offer. I admire your uniqueness, as well. Very busy and have a lot on my plate, though I strive for much of the very same things as yourself and have been needing some inspiration lately. So, thank you!

    It is very rare to meet, let alone know of people such as yourself. Keep doing what you are doing girl! And may your energy and Soul continue to give itself away to the right people and things in this world and may it all one day carry yourself home.

    Much love and positive energy to you!!


    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. I am glad it resonated well with you. It’s nice to find others who can relate. I appreciate your kind words and encourage you to pursue what you envision. Go chase what you want to preach some truth. Liberating feeling, I tell ya 🙂

      1. It very much is, I tell you the very truth.

        I am just glad that I stumbled upon you and your blog. Truth be told, I was researching the ‘Fermi Paradox’ and somehow that led me to researching various subjects about the Universe and our very humble abode residence, here, on Earth, which led me to research what is Truth, which is both evident, but also very subjective, therefore, sometimes, it is hard to determine the very difference or dichotomy, but, I also, respect them both. But I digress, thank you, for your sentiments and your inspiration; it will help me to carry on and to find my very loving place within this ever-loving and infinite Universe.

        And I wish the very same for you, my dear, acquaintance and yet, my dear friend.

        Much love to you, Courtney.

      1. No, I do not, currently, have a blog.

        Though, the possibilities are endless; I can foresee one day having a blog, much like yours, though very much mine.

        Thank you for your sentiments. Just know that I love your blog, your thoughts, your ideas, your warmth, your emotion, and everything in between it all.

        Please, continue doing what you are doing. It is a very rich blessing to have in a world such as thing. I love that you are a very genuine person. And with that said, I do wish the very best of the best for you, my distant, but surreal, friend.


        Much love to you and your Soul.


      2. Thank you! It is crazy how we can convey messages which carry impact through simply being ourselves. I would encourage you to create a blog. And to start creating. It is what we are meant to do. 🙂

  2. You are so right, Courtney.

    To start creating, is what I must do. To posses self-love and self-care, helps to very much enable such a powerful thing. It is what I will do 🙂

    Courtney, is there any single question, or anything else, for that matter, to which I can answer or otherwise offer to you, that will, which, help you to serve yourself and your endeavors, better? If so, please do not hesitate to ask or inquire.

    As always, much love to you, my dear friend.

      1. Always 🙂

        And in return, you give me faith; wind beneath my wings.
        You are very down-to-Earth, I sense.
        And if you ever need of such a thing, of anything; I am only one message away.

        Much love to you, Courtney.

  3. By the way, my real name is Samantha Rinaldi, or Sam. Or just Laniakea, named after our galactic supercluster within the Universe.


  4. I hope this is not awkward, but…

    Your energy is beautiful; it has forever become a part of my Life.

    Much love to you, Sister. <3

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