On the Importance of Community

Community is one of the greatest gifts. It creates a social environment stemming from a sense of humanity where we feel connected and a part of something bigger than ourselves. I listened to a podcast yesterday about a guy who opened a coffee shop in CT where you are not allowed to be on a digital device while in the shop. This seems like a foreign and uncomfortable setting in today’s society, but it’s so necessary. Withdrawing from our digital devices, we are forced to actually have real conversations with people to talk, to become vulnerable, and to become connected. It creates a community for someone who needs support or a friend, and more importantly, needs to feel valued. My love for community events is drawn from the sense of genuine happiness everyone embodies within this atmosphere. Providing community service or being in this type of setting, we become detached from ourselves and a part of something focused on others, or a bigger picture. So my point is, find a positive community (social atmosphere) to engulf yourself in and see where it may bring you. You may find yourself less anxious within your own world and more focused on the collective whole. 🌎


The coffee shop I mentioned is East Rock Coffee.

The podcast I heard this on was, Distraction Podcast, which always has very interesting discussions and interviews. I highly recommend subscribing as the content is very relevant to times we are facing in society.


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