Episode 28: Taking a Stand for Yourself with Mike Laviolette of Evolve Strength and Rehab

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Mike Laviolette, former musician turned strength coach, found himself in a dark place at the age of 27. What could’ve been the beginning of medical bills and numerous doctor’s visit, instead resulted in a powerful awakening and Mike taking a stand for himself and his health. By following his higher calling with courage, he chased his curiosity around the world of strength and conditioning to land himself in a much more fulfilling and healthier career today. If you are currently studying to become a physical therapist or strength coach, athlete looking to get into either of these fields, or someone interested in working with Coach Mike, be sure to give this episode a listen!!

00:00 Intro
03:30 Why Mike got into lifting
10:23 How lifting contributed to Mike’s foundation
15:50 How Mike has learned to navigate injury over time
19:43 What is graded exposure and progressive overload, and why is individuality important when returning from injury or starting with a strength training program?
28:20 Why Mike transitioned from physical therapy into the world of strength & rehab coaching
36:06 The perks of owning a strength and rehab coaching biz – for Mike and his clients
39:05 Mike’s “zone of genius” in coaching
49:36 slowing integrating behaviors, turning into habits! QUOTE 50:36
51:04 What coaching is REALLY about
55:48 The process of getting started and working with Coach Mike as a client
01:01:25 Industry influences who have shaped Mike’s direction & path
01:06:30 What does the future of Evolve Strength and Rehab look like?

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