Episode 26: Navigating Nutrition Sustainably at any Level with Karina Noboa

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00:00 Introduction
03:30 Karina’s first “nutrition” coach for bodybuilding & her intro to tracking macros
11:00 Courtney’s introduction to tracking macros to improve powerlifting performance
15:33 the double-edge sword of tracking macros
20:23 alternative approaches to tracking nutrition beyond macros
22:05 the importance of having a coach to objectively guide you before, during, AND after a diet
26:24 navigating nutrition in social situations
29:27 the importance of nutrition quality (micronutrients) while tracking macros
33:40 intermediate to advanced nutritional approaches to optimize sport performance
38:48 principles for nutritional long-term success
40:30 tips & tricks for newbies as you learn to track macros + potential red flags to look out for
48:05 why you perpetually struggle to reach your goals
54:30 tips and tricks to unlearn the habits of tracking macros to move into intuitive eating
59:30 summary of using tracking to enhance your quality of life, rather than take away from it

In this episode, I interview my friend Karina who is a coach with Team Locofit. Karina is currently a Masters student at USF studying Exercise Science. She is a research assistant in both the Performance and Physique Enhancement lab and the Molecular Pharmacology and physiology lab at USF Health with Dr. Bill Campbell. 

As we’ll touch on in the episode, Karina has been through her own struggles as an athlete with binge eating, competing and learning how to manage her health. From these experiences, she’s been able to better understand how to navigate nutrition along the very broad spectrum – between supremely structured and tracking macros & habits down to the minutiae to eating intuitively and approaching nutrition with more flexible mindset. 

What I’ve always admired about Karina is her focus on delayed gratification within her coaching methods. Making sure you don’t neglect mental health in pursuit of physical health is paramount to ensure sustainable results. Give this a listen to hear our own trials and errors in nutrition, what we’ve learned collectively in the industry over the years, and what we’ve come to know around what works from our own coaching experiences. No matter what stage you’re at, you’ll be more equipped to set yourself up for nutritional success after listening!

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Connect with Karina: karina@teamlocofit.com, http://www.instagram.com/karinanoboa, http://www.teamlocofit.com
Connect with Courtney: www.instagram.com/thepursuitofauthenticity_

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