Episode 20: Befriending Your Body with Azimah Azmi

Currently a jiu jitsu enthusiast, coach, and Lead GMB Trainer, Azimah got into the world of movement through competing in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Due to her meathead mentality though, she wound up with an injury that forced her to have to completely relearn everything she knew about fitness.

Now, she emphasizes FEELING more than the DOING in her own movement practice. This allows her clients to understand how to feel safe and at home in their bodies so they can experience freedom, fun, and more play in their lives! ✨⁣

Learn more about Azimah by connecting with her on Instagram! Resources from the show included below.

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Resources from the show:
Ryan Hurst @ryhurst 
Jon Yuen @yuenjon
GMB Fitness @gmbfitness
Azimah’s Body Awareness for Jiu Jitsu course

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