Episode 14: Seth Holton

Seth holds a wealth of information related to the game of baseball. His passion as a player has only grown and become more apparent in his coaching, on and off the field. 

In this episode, we journey through Seth’s baseball career, starting from the age of 5 all the way up to travel and college ball. You’ll gain wisdom through his lessons learned as a player, like why being coachable is critical for growth, and understand how to avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Seth shares practical drills as a hitting coach you can immediately apply, as well as how and WHY he teaches strength and conditioning to baseball players, along with useful tips to help get you started. (which applies to softball players, too!) 

Towards the end of the episode, he shares a new app launching alongside Jim and his team out of Pro Chop Training. This app will be a game changer for pushing athletic potential; think virtual coaching, data-driven development, and a network of connections to help you grow as a player and get noticed!

In partnership with the Michigan Area Braves, Seth also announces a travel scholarship team starting in 2021, headed up by himself and assisted by a former pro-scout. The link to sign up for this team can be found below in the show notes.

The mission of Seth, the Michigan Area Braves, and Pro Chop Training is to help develop players; whether it is making them aware of new paths available to further their potential or helping guide them along their current path more easily. 

If you are an athlete who dreams of playing college ball, or a parent/coach to a player wanting to get an athlete to the next level, we provide knowledge about what to take into consideration as when researching colleges, as well as how to be successful in the recruiting process get to that next level in the game.

Listen to this episode within the browser below OR via any major podcast streaming app here. See time-stamped show notes and resources from this episode below.

13:37 Seth’s huge lesson going from the big fish in a little pond to the small fish in college; something that impacts his coaching to this day.

30:00 Seth’s lessons + experience as a transfer to Aquinas College from Davenport University.

33:50 The importance of having a coach that gets on you; how it benefits your growth.

35:50 Why picking a college you feel comfortable at will help you thrive as a player, and the questions to ask + research to do as you are choosing a college/team. 

38:08 The benefits of starting at a junior college as a player, and dispelling the many myths around it for athletes, parents, and coaches.

47:24 The physical and mental challenges of injury and how to handle it to get back into the game.

55:00 How barbell training changed Seth’s baseball game for the better.

1:03:32 Seth’s experience as a hitting coach, and his start as a strength and conditioning coach for baseball players where he really learned how to quickly adapt.

1:13:35 The importance of coaches assisting players in technique and speaking their language (concisely!) to help them understand how to move their body.

1:21:45 Seth’s keys to effective hitting drills: using randomness + creativity to keep players adapting.

1:25:55 Why a coach needs to be confident in, and believe in, the service they are offering.

1:29:03 Why education, for the players, coaches, AND parents, is necessary to help the athlete get their foot in the door and get recruited to the college level. 

1:38:10 The perks of coaching baseball to different level/age players.

1:42:09 Strategies to help motivate and connect with players as a coach.

1:51:17 Advice for baseball players that want to get into strength and conditioning on their own. 

1:53:56 *NEW* Biomechanical solutions for baseball players Mobile app launching soon. Use the sign up form at ProChop Training

2:02:57 *NEW* 18u scholarship & scout travel team with the Michigan Area Braves. Sign up here!

2:12:22 More info about the mobile app; creating player profiles to have a template for comparing and rating yourself against players at different schools/teams, strength and conditioning testing included, providing accountability to players in person or virtually to help them develop. 

2:19:24 Some words of wisdom from Seth; do what you love, put everything into it. Play and have fun!2:25:34 Get a hold of Seth to join the 18U team, get the app, or pick his brain on baseball at Seth@prochoptraining.com

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