What do Tech Savvy Millennials Lack?

One thing I’ve noticed about my generation, our social skills on the phone are a huge weakness. I can’t imagine generations to come. This could definitely differ person to person because personality can have a huge affect. It’s just interesting to me.

Growing up in a world where majority of our conversations now take place through email, online and texting, we lack in daily verbal exchange on the phone. For example, yesterday my room mates and I started house hunting. I called the first few and then asked them to call on a few agents. Now I will admit, I don’t like talking on the phone but through my job I have become better with proper etiquette for a phone call. (And sometimes it just requires common sense but that’s another discussion) Anyway, it was almost painful to listen to my roomie trying to hold a conversation. Stumbling on words, pausing, not knowing what to say.. And she is not alone, this is a normal concept seen in my age group I suppose ..and younger!

Makes you think.. What will the future be like? Will they require courses in school in the future on phone etiquette? Or maybe it would be a part of a business course? It sounds silly but if you can’t hold a conversation in a professional environment, you will be looked down upon. Just a thought for the day. 💭 What do you think?


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