The Start of Podcasting

What’s up Friends! Recently, I have been working on a meaningful project: creating a podcast to engage other like-minded individuals. The focus is to share my life experiences, share stories of other great individuals and how to apply these lessons to your life. I believe we all have a unique message to offer which others can learn from.

This is something I have been contemplating for a while and it’s time to I give back. If you’re like me, you’re busy. Blogging has been enjoyable for me but time consuming to read and reading can become bland. That’s why I love podcasts, they allow me to multi-task, are convenient to take on the go and make me feel more engaged with the conversation.

On this podcast, I strive to provide insightful and informative audio to help others grow to realize their potential. The episodes will contain my own thoughts on life, as well as bringing others on the show for discussion. Together, we can start a community and enrich the world one podcast at time.

If you do not have a SoundCloud account, create one here for free and follow along. I will be launching the first episode soon and by following, you will be notified when it is released. I don’t want you to miss out and I am excited for you all to join me on the Pursuit of Authenticity.



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