Episode 23: Making Movement Accessible to All Bodies with Kara Duval

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Apologies for the audio issues with Zoom. These will be fixed for future episodes!


In this episode, I interview Kara Duval, Boston-based Pilates instructor, small business owner of Kara Duval Pilates LLC,  and creator of her online platform, Range. Kara holds an extensive background in classical ballet, which led to her structured, yet fluid Pilates teaching approach. Kara firmly believes in making fitness inclusive and accessible for every BODY. Therefore, she makes sure that ALL bodies leave her classes with exactly what they didn’t know they needed. 

This episode really gives a glimpse into why language matters. Specifically, we discuss the power it holds in connecting us with aligned teachers & coaches, how it affects how we relate to and experience movement, and how it affects how we connect with our bodies.  Kara and I discuss how American culture has shaped how we view fitness/movement and how we can shift that perception to make it a more sustainable, intuitive, and integrated part of your life, providing your body with what it actually needs to thrive. 

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