Current Classes

Follow along on Facebook to join our community classes at various parks around Grand Rapids this summer.

Or, practice yoga in the comfort of your own home by utilizing our virtual classes on YouTube.

These classes are donation based. Your support is appreciated to allow us to continue supporting you! Contribute here.


Private 1×1 yoga sessions or guided meditations can be booked. (in person or virtual) We also do yoga for special events… birthday parties, yoga in the workplace, or yoga for sports teams. Let’s connect and make it happen! We will collaborate to create the perfect yoga session for your needs. If you’d like to book a private session or event at your facility, please contact us.


These seminars are put together for people who are interested in learning all things strength training, conditioning, mobility, and wellness. When it comes to movement, maintaining proper form is critical to preventing an injury. The goal of training is not only to improve performance but to keep the body in healthy working condition as well. We offer hands-on coaching clinics to help instruct cues to perfect technique based on the biomechanics of each client’s body and anthropometry. We will also provide Q&A for how to get started on your own programming and equipment considerations to keep you safe. If you’d like to book Courtney to teach a seminar at your facility, please contact us.

Past Events: