Episode 11: Mamas & Misses Physical Therapy

An interview with Dr. Nicole Bringer of Mamas & Misses Physical Therapy. Listen to this episode within the browser below OR via any major podcast streaming app here.

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1:45 What got you into your passion, physical therapy?

I’ve known since high school I wanted to be a Physical Therapist, but not in my wildest dreams did I think I wanted to specialize in Women’s Health Physical Therapy-to be honest I didn’t even know it was a thing! When I started to prepare for the birth of my first child and realized how much could be done to prepare my body for labor and delivery to reduce the risk of interventions like epidurals, cesarean deliveries, episiotomies, I selfishly wanted to learn more. Good thing I did because I needed a lot of help during my postpartum recovery and the classes that I was taking with the original intention to help others turned out to be useful in helping with my own recovery. As I continue to dive deeper into this specialty and connect with more and more women, I’m learning that a lot of people don’t know Physical Therapists can specialize in helping moms (including medical professionals like OBGYNs) which means a lot of mamas are being told peeing their pants, painful sex, and weakness are “normal” after having kids. I would argue that while they are common, they do not have to be our new normal. 

3:00 Was this something you knew you wanted to do for a while or what was the evolution that led you to start this business?

Physical Therapy was an easy choice for my career. I got to work with people, I got to promote health. I didn’t have to sit at a desk. When it came to offering accessible care and guidance for moms with in-home Physical Therapy, virtual sessions, and online courses-this came out of a place of necessity. I needed Physical Therapy after having my son, but I would literally sweat when i had to set-up appointments. What if he was napping when it was time to leave, would he get hungry, how would I entertain in him in germy medical offices, and after I went back to work fitting in appointments was super difficulty because my time to get all the things done was so limited. I figured if I was struggling to get to PT appointments and I knew how important they were, then other moms had to be struggling for the same reasons.

6:50 What is the mission of your business?

To empower women by giving them tons and tons of information so that they can seek out the services that they need and deserve. For some women they need information from YouTube and social media, some need step-by-step guidance with online courses, some need one-on-one conversations with Physical Therapists and sometimes in person sessions work best. Whatever their needs are, I want to help them reach their goals. Moms get pulled in a lot of different directions and their own self-care and health often get neglected and I want to make self-care affordable and accessible for all moms.

11:55 Do you have a particular demographic you work with? If so, what made you choose this? And what type of issues do you address with this demographic?

Mamas: expecting moms, newly postpartum moms, seasoned moms-> bring me all the moms! I think I’m so passionate about moms because as a mom it’s easy to understand their barriers, struggles, frustrations, and it makes me sad that nobody is helping these women find resources so that they’re not only surviving as moms, but really thriving in their roles.

13:25 What exercises should(n’t) you do if you are experiencing DRA?

20:24 Free PostPartum Basics PDF – 3 things you can do during first 6 weeks postpartum (breathing, pelvic floor work, core strength) 

20:41 Where can people find your business and more information online?

My website will tell you more about what I do and how to get ahold of me if you’re interested in Physical Therapy services.  I would love to hang out with everyone on my social media sites too so following me @mamasandmisses_pt is how you can find me on Instagram.  I have a YouTube channel too that’s called Mamas and Misses and this is where I give out tons and tons of free information weekly.  

22:31 Postpartum Course – Use discount code “strongmama” for 20% off the course price!

24:13 All Online Course Options (10 different modules) 

27:29 Exercises to regain core strength and stability

30:30 What if I don’t have time to exercise because I need to take care of my baby?

33:37 How to manage incontinence/strengthen pelvic floor postpartum (see 27:29 as well)

36:40 Doulas and the important role they can play

38:20 Gold Coast Doula’s

44:20 Mamas and Misses PT Support group

47:50 Where to keep up with information related to women’s health & PT, @juliewiebept @pelvicguru1

48:34 Applying science versus a clinical approach

55:43 How to assess what exercises are safe for you while pregnant

1:00:29 What would you like the world to know about Mamas and Misses PT and what is your vision?

Bouncing back after childbirth is a giant lie because we don’t look the same, feel the same, or move the same way.  We have to put in hard work to reach our postpartum goals. Sometimes we can reach these goals on our own with time and education and sometimes we need guidance from different professionals like Physical Therapists, coaches, & trainers.  I hope no mama ever settles for pain, dysfunction, or mediocre quality of life and if there’s any way I can help you reach your goals, message me, follow me, email me-I can’t wait to help!

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