Podcast Episode 4: The Bigger Picture of Fitness with Jason Ralya

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Jason Ralya is a strength and conditioning coach who works with athletes in a variety of different sports. What started with a hobby of lifting weights led to competing in powerlifting and eventually being able to coach others within the fitness industry. In this interview, we discuss the background of how he got started as a strength coach and life lessons he has learned from strength sports. These lessons provided him with greater confidence and changed his perspective for how he viewed himself and his outlook on coaching. Finally, we talk about what he would’ve changed about his journey in competing and coaching to provide some words of wisdom to our listeners.


Majority of the time, headlines in the media for fitness and health touch on how you can improve your physical appearance. But in this interview, we look at the bigger picture of how fitness can teach you important life skills which impact you in deeper areas beyond appearance. Whether you’re thinking about getting involved in strength sports or for anyone who is looking to develop into a greater version of themselves to become a better individual, you’ll find this episode valuable. You’ll learn more about goal setting and personal development to help you transform to that next level when we often get in our own way. If you enjoy this podcast or know someone who might benefit from listening, feel free to share it out with them on social.

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