Podcast Episode Two: Be the Change

In this episode, I decided to share a recording from a walk I took through the woods a couple months back where my mind got going on society and how it’s changed over time. I imagine people used to be much more curious and adventurous back in the day. Without advanced technology like we have today in our faces in all the time, people had much more downtime to exercise free thought and be outdoors to explore nature. They had more desire to discover because there was still much unknown, almost like they didn’t have a choice because it was just a way of life. Now, we can survive most days and have our basic needs met without a worry which has created a state of complacency.

I realize after listening to this, it does sound rather cynical. I don’t mean to generalize but I do see this trend occurring as we continue to automate and technology advances. Anything that requires deep concentration of thought, many tend to shy away. Commitment is seen as a burden and we complain when something gets hard. Only you know if this actually applies to you or not. There are plenty of people who are evolving and doing the best they can given their circumstances and that’s all you can ask for. All I am saying is strive to be better and do your part. What we do now, echoes in eternity. –Marcus Aurelius

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Shout out to my friend Sam for hooking me up with the beat in the background as well. He is a local producer here in Grand Rapids, MI. Check out his work and other beats here.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Two: Be the Change

  1. This is a great message. Every day I notice more and more that people of all ages are glued to their phones, computers, television, etc., and being less present in the environment around them and the moment in general. Face to face communication seems to be something that many people struggle with, let alone desire. Anything that requires effort seems to be discouraged as well. It is sad, really. Ever since I quit using Facebook and other social media, as well as quit watching so much TV, I have noticed a dramatic change in my happiness and overall quality of life. Ironically, I say all of this while I am typing on my laptop, however, I love knowing that others out there relate to what I am noticing and I love your message as well. We need to spend more time outside in nature, practice being more in the present moment, and just go back to our roots in general and find our passion and curiosity for what’s out there and always strive to find improvements upon our world and ourselves. The world is full of so much potential. There is so much potential in people. Life is beautiful, truly. It is unfortunate that most people seem to miss out on it and let it fly by.

    Take care and be good to yourself. Thank you for your message.

    1. I absolutely agree that we have to find a balance with use of technology. It’s great but can definitely rule over our lives. I really try when I am around friends and family to not pay attention to my decide and be present with the people I love. I think the more we all become aware of this addicted to tech behavior but collectively realize we are doing it and practice moderation, the more everyone around us will pick up on it and shy away from being so attached to a device. I have friends who are on their phone all the time, but if I am never on my phone when I’m around them then they will start seeing my actions as I set an example and realize how they are acting. It’s TRUE life is beautiful If we take the time to soak in all the little things all around us. I also notice these things in nature, on walks, and bike rides. Makes me slow down and have so much gratitude. Thanks for sharing your message and you take care as well!

  2. I do agree; balance is key, as is true with everything else. 🙂 I have come to know of many great people over the years that have greatly impacted my life because of the power of the internet and social media. I even keep in touch with a couple of friends from far away and we write letters still. It is amazing. However, I do not miss most aspects of social media. After a while, nothing really felt genuine anymore and I found myself unfairly comparing my life to others, if that makes sense without elaborating too much. I have learned so much through the power of technology though and that is something I am grateful for.

    Yes, slowing down and enjoying the present moment is something I live for. I love sitting on the deck enjoying my tea and watching the squirrels chase each other around the maple tree. I love listening to the birds and watching my dog roll around and play in the yard. I also love taking the long way home after work and playing my favorite music as well as replaying old memories that make me smile. And of course, I enjoy walking the nature trail somewhat close to home as well as taking my nieces out to Geocache and enjoying nature in the process as they find what they are looking for. I also love deep conversations, which is rare these days it seems, unfortunately. As I get older, I realize more and more that the little things in life are actually what life should truly be all about. And you seem to be a very great example of someone who is living life to the fullest and who brings out the best in others. I only hope to continue setting the same example.

    Whatever you do today, I hope you have a great day and something amazing happens to you!

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