Candace Hollis, US Army, Crossfitter
Dawnna Philbrick – Full-time mom, wife, employee, business owner
Jon Martin – Collegiate Athlete, Pitcher
Maggie Hayes – High School Athlete, Rower
Liz Carpenter, Business Owner, Navy
GRCC Softball 2018-2019
Tarah Stoneburner, Powerlifter
GRCC Softball 2017-2018

Stephanie Kruskie

Makenzie Larsen

Anthony Diaz

Tarah Stoneburner

Courtney Bishop

A Personal Testimony from Coach
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The idea with fitness is personal development, you versus you. This was me about 4 years ago, versus what I typically look like at the gym now. I had just joined a gym, and was insecure. Just doing what I could with resources I found online. It was out of my comfort zone at first, but this is how it starts. Continuously putting yourself in positions of discomfort will force you to grow. The fitness industry can be discouraging at times because we compare and judge ourselves that we aren't at this level of perfection displayed in the media. Rather than the encouraging environment that fitness should cultivate. Fitness is not easy, if it were, everyone would be jacked and we wouldn't have all the health issues we see today. However, everyone has an opportunity to just be a little better than they are. We all struggle to get to the gym and overcome the fear of being judged by others there. Maybe your current goal is just to get a walk in each day you go and build that up overtime. And that's great! Be realistic in your goals and honest with yourself. Find a program to push yourself to develop. Becoming healthier isn't a quick fix scheme, and is very individual depending on your life circumstances. Simply bringing this back into perspective is so important to stay motivated to keep going. Real life and our perception of fitness are almost inversely related. So don't get discouraged trying to live up to an ideal. Manage what you can and enjoy the process because it belongs to no one but you. The person who never gives up…will never fail. 💪🏼💯 #strengthcoach #bewhoyouwanttobecome #failforward #transformationtuesday #strengthandconditioning #athlete #weightlifting #powerlifting #strengthtraining

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